Pass Kidney Stones Quickly - 5 Ways to Flush Them Out

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Published: 22nd November 2010
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Kidney stones patient often suffers a severe pain and experience uneasiness. These make them difficult to deal with their daily activities. There are so many factors that cause the formation of kidney stones such as the increase in acid levels of the body and inadequate amount of essential minerals needed by the body.

What kidney stone patients desire is for them to pass kidney stones quickly. To answer and help them with this dilemma, here are some ways that they can use:

1. Proper body hydration is needed daily to prevent the formation of certain illnesses especially kidney stones. To help pass kidney stones quickly, drinking 6-10 glasses of water a day is required. This technique will promote frequent elimination of urine, thus, increasing the possibility of eradicating the stones out as well.

Though not required, it is best to use distilled water for kidney stones are commonly formed by some minerals like magnesium, uric acid, phosphate, oxalate and calcium. The usual water we drink can some have impurities and metals that can trigger the enlargement of the kidney stones.

2. Lying on the bed or just sitting around the corner will never help lessen the pain a kidney stone patient suffers. Exercising is a good way to lessen the pain for this can make the stone move towards the urinary system. Doing some movements like walking around the area will aid in the elimination of the stone.

3. Another effective way that can help clear out kidney stones is the use of natural treatments or herbal remedies. Celery seeds are good at dissolving stones. Put two tablespoons of celery seeds in two cups of boiling water. Keep it boiling until the seeds are already soft and then get it out of the fire. Remove the seed from the water and drink half a cup of the water once in an hour.

4. There are many factors that cause the formation of kidney stones. If the kidney stone is formed due to the increase of uric acid level, then having plenty of cherries a day will help eliminate the kidney stone.

5. Another home remedy that will help pass kidney stone quickly is blending a tablespoon of lemon with a tablespoon of olive oil. A kidney stone patient can sip this combination along with water. This is good in eradicating kidney stone with no pain because of olive oil.

There are so many ways to pass kidney stones quickly but it is always good to prevent the formation of such stones in order not to experience the soreness and uneasiness it can give.

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